I’m in love. I’m in love and he loves me. 

I’m in love and I don’t feel the need to assign a title to the relationship. It’s a relationship and I don’t identify myself with him. We’re both so early in our recovery that it’s best to wait. To hold off and to just focus on being ourselves, to build a strong foundation as friends before we kick off together. 

I don’t feel the need to text him compulsively. I don’t feel like I have any thing to prove to him. I love all of his grammar mistakes. I love when he wears ugly tall socks with shorts and vans. I love that he hasn’t shaved an inch of his body since before he was in jail. I love that we have been through the exact same shit. I love that we have come to terms with all of the shit we have been through and have started bettering ourselves. He reminds me to talk to God. He reminds me how to stay strong. He reminds me how strong I am. He reminds me to remind him that he isn’t invincible. I am at peace with him. I am content with him. Life just became very very simple for me.