I have church in a different place every Sunday.

I had church in my car this morning. Before I start going on about this experience I had, I should explain my thinking about churches. 

The average person directly connects religion with the building and the people that participate in a particular religious service. The people alone create the experience on a cellular level that has absolutely nothing to do with the religion in question. Linking of the identity with a religion - We all find something that resonates with our soul and that is where we balance ourselves. When you acknowledge that there is something to be learned from every moment of your life’s experiences you can see the light everyone carries with them, and with that, every light that different religions present to us. Some that believe this, identify with the Bahai’ Faith. Appreciate all that can be learned. 

Last night I went in to work at Papa’s Pizza. I was not called by Dennis or Rachel. I came in because I needed to charge my phone and I stopped to talk to my friends. I caught this wave of disease. The kitchen staff was on edge. The front of the restaurant was over flowing with people. It was messy but we were all calm. I was thanked by everyone on the staff for being there to help. Dennis came back from his little adventure and did not question my motives for being there. I just told him that I felt like my energy was needed. 

When things slowed down Dennis and I exchanged cigarettes and had a little talk. He gave me a disk, he told me it would blow my mind. He asked me to return it after I listened to it 5 times. Now that I have listened to it once, listening to it a hundreds times truly wouldn’t be a problem. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer, the author of “Your Erroneous Zones” interviews Esther HIcks, while she channels Abraham.